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Waiting patiently and considering courses has long been part of the indoor-climbing culture, and yet. “There’s always certain times when it’s crowded, but those crowded times have gotten more crowded,” said Michael Poyatt, 25, a software engineer in San Diego who started climbing after seeing “The Dawn Wall.” “I said to him on the bench, if there’s someone who deserves that goal, it’s you,” Tortorella said. “I thought he was playing really well. He’s been really consistent. He’s turning into that guy. That’s what we expect out of him now — how hard he is on the puck, how hard he is in that area, and the puck follows him around.”

Her mother wanted her to study business and filled out an application on her behalf for a well-known business school. Then, shortly before the national college entrance exams, her mentor intervened again, convincing her mother that a brighter future lay ahead for her daughter in science. Professor Song applied instead to Tsinghua University, China’s top science university, to study physics. She went on to study physics at Cornell University but transferred to Carnegie Mellon University, where she received an M.S. in computer science before settling at Berkeley to finally finish her Ph.D. in computer science. By then, she was focused on computer security. Clippers: At Dallas on Tuesday night to begin a three-game road trip.

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It is perhaps the most punishing defeat Mr. Trump has experienced as president, especially in light of the negotiating prowess he touted while campaigning, our correspondents wrote in a news analysis: “In pursuit of a wall, President Trump ran into one.” Epstein was awaiting trial on charges he sexually abused teenage girls at his Manhattan mansion and a Florida home.

Do you have a favorite story from us — or the kind of stories you’d like to see over the next two years? Join our Facebook group to share or tell us at nytaustralia@nytimes.com. Egypt is one of the world's top jailers of journalists with 25 reporters imprisoned in 2018, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

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Log InWhen City Ballet was roiled again by accusations against three male dancers over vulgar texts about women, Ms. Bouder wrote last fall on Instagram: “Though this behavior was carried out by a few highly visible men alone, it was allowed to fester in our currently leaderless state. May we find a moral and fair individual to lead us out of this darkness and into future respect, integrity and success.” Helen Petousis-Harris, a vaccine expert at New Zealand’s University of Auckland, said the Samoan government halted its immunization program for several months last year after two infants died from a medical mishap involving a vaccine.